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Good Corporate Governance

1. Governance Statement

Our commitment to apply the principles of good corporate governance, is a manifestation of our concern for conducting business in a transparent, accountable, equitable, and based on high ethical standards. This is done through strengthening the infrastructure owned and continually improve the effectiveness of systems and procedures to support the implementation of good corporate governance in the PT Sekar Laut, Tbk.

To realize the emerging growth companies and high competitiveness, PT Sekar Laut, Tbk has developed a structure and system of good corporate governance with respect to the standards, rules and regulations and best practices. The spirit of the implementation of good corporate governance in PT Sekar Laut, Tbk is the intention and determination to make the management of PT Sekar Laut, Tbk, as a company that continues to grow and evolve with the best quality of products and processes and have a code of conduct for all organ of the Company and stakeholders, including the responsibility to the environment.

2. The Objective of Corporate Governance Implementation

The improvement in the quality of implementation of corporate governance was indicated by the increase of the value of theassessment results. Management believes that the implementation of good corporate governance and compliance with the standards will have benefit for the company as follows:
(1) Creating a better reputation for the company, directors, and managers;
(2) Lowering the cost of capital and increase the value of assets;
(3) Improving access to capital markets;
(4) Stimulate the performance and efficiency of 0perations.
(5) Increased values of the company, through increased financial performance and minimization of risk investment decisions conflict of interest

3. Corporate Governance Structure and Policy

The structure of corporate governance in PT Sekar Laut, Tbk is as follows:
(1) The General Meeting of Shareholders
(2) The Board of Commissioners
(3) The Board of Directors
(4) Commissioner Support Committee
(5) Audit Committee
(6) Company Secretary
(7) Internal Audit
In accordance with the vision of PT Sekar Laut, Tbk to become number one position in crackers industry, the program of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is carried out by applying equivalent principles of corporate governance to those of public companies and by building a healthy business environment with its business partners.

4. Whistleblowing System

PT Sekar Laut, Tbk is a public company. Management is aware that the success of the disclosure of a crime within the company must be supported by strong evidence. One is the role of a witness. Witness or complainant for an offense committed employees and company management need to be protected in order to motivate the stakeholders to report violations. This can be done through the application of Abuse Reporting System designed well, which will eventually lead to the establishment of a culture of good corporate governance.

Since early 2014 management began to make improvements in response to the demands of transparency, accountability and fairness in dealing with the Company's business.

With the enhanced Whistleblowing System of the offense, is expected to create a conducive climate and encourage the reporting of violations that can lead to financial losses and non-financial that can damage the image of the Company; reduce losses arising from violations through early detection; and prevent possible problems due to the occurrence of an offense. The Company provides the media reporting, establish reporting procedures, including the clarity of the types of reporting that can be reported.

Following the implementation of good governance, and in running coordination of the business, Board of Directors has meetings on monthly basis, and other meetings as required. In year 2014, Board of Directors has 14 times meetings with the attendance rate of 82%.

Board of Commissioners has meetings for 4 times during 2014, reviewing reports with Audit Committee and company operating performance. Board of Commissioners' meetings have attendance rate of 75%.

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