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PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk, pioneered the modern mechanization of "krupuk" production that was done traditionally. The production process uses modern machinery and equipment with skilled manpower that ensures consistent, high-quality products. Hygienic production method combines distinctively Indonesian recipes with modern food technology, brings out the natural flavours and preserves nutrition.

Strict quality controls are completed at all phases. Packaging is done in accordance with amount and measurement specifications from the buyer. With FINNA brand license, PT Sekar Laut, Tbk. has produce many variation of "krupuk" as well as other food products such as instant cooking spices, chilli sauce and tomato sauce.

PT. Pangan Lestari (subsidiary)

PT. Pangan Lestari, Tbk. is a subsidiary of PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk that distributes food products. PT. Pangan Lestari has several branches / warehouses in seven large cities in Indonesia, which are Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Jogja, Sidoarjo, Malang and Denpasar. In its operation, the company that was built in August 1983, co-operates with than 20 agents and 46 grocers also provide services to merchants and retailers.

Along with its growth, PT. Pangan Lestari is not only distributed products from the main company. But also accept business opportunity from outside of the group by becoming the distribution agent for some local and imported products.

Moreover, PT. Pangan Lestari also cooperates with international-scaled companies and trusted to hold the agency of some exclusive products, such as:

  • Cooking Oil, Singapore
  • Film Roll, France
  • Cooking Sauce, Thailand
  • Vermicelli, China
  • Popcorn, USA and Argentina
  • French Fries, USA
  • Seasoning mixes, Thailand
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