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To anticipate the implementation of ISO 9000, management is on the effort of improving the quality of its employees at all levels. The improvement of human resources quality is done through on-the-job training and development programs in order to improve work process and productivity.

Effort in improving quality of work also includes improving the personnel’s welfare. Further outcome, will also effect to better motivation, working environment, performance and loyalty. Facilities include in the welfare incentives are medical and healthcare support, transportation, place of worship, sport facilities and employee cooperatives.


PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk. has gained accreditation to be able to market its product internationally. Among others from the Good Manufacturing Practices for Food processors and the Integrated-based Quality Management HACCP, which is very essential for the product to pass the standard of European countries and United states of America.

PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk. tries to build good relationship with the surrounding society. Besides absorbing manpower, goodwill also being done chances to build self-empowerment. In self-empowerment assistance, the company supplies raw “krupuk” material to traditional "krupuk" makers, who would sell their products to the market with lower income. Aside to the mentioned support, the company has also involved in various community activity related to religious celebration and other holidays.

Form of company’s responsibility to environment also reflected in many steps that have been taken for environment sanitation and pollution control.

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