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More than 40 products with the trademark "FINNA" always prepared to fulfil consumer’s demand, nationally and internationally. Demand for FINNA products grown over the years because we use natural and precise ingredients to create delicacy.

FINNA products made with modern processes to ensure its hygience and fulfil the national and international standard. FINNA products are made for all kinds of target markets, may it be direct to public or to retailers and franchises.


“Krupuk” is a well-known Indonesia specialty food. Shrimp krupuk or shrimp crackers is by far its most popular kind that originated from Sidoarjo, home and activity centre of PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk. Today, krupuk has transformed into a healthy and nutritious snack that is widely-known worldwide. Thanks to the persistent entrepreneurial effort, innovation and continuous quality control that has been done by the company throughout the years. Beside krupuk, PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk. has also develop other food productions such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, instant cooking spices, seasoned flour and others. To face the challenge of new millennium, the management team has decided to enter the snack market with new product variation; which is the fried product.

Our Product Line :

  • PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk. “FINNA”: Crackers, Chips, Seasoning flour, Tomato sauce, Chili sauce, Instant cooking spices.
  • “BUMIFOOD” : Meatball, Dumpling, Spring roll, Breaded/Nugget, Puff/Dumpling, Shoestring, Frozen meat.
  • Cashew nut, Chips.

Other local products

DOLPHIN salt, Dried Shrimp, Indonesian seasoning, Agriculture products, Noodle, Sardines.

Imported products

Fish sauce, China’s noodle, Thailand’s seasoning, Cooking oil, Wrapping plastics.

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