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What is prawn crackers?
Prawn crackers is a traditional oriental snack made from fresh prawn, tapioca flour and spices. This snack is well known all over Asia, as well as lots of countries in other regions
How to prepare this product?
Our product comes as a pre-cook products, you will need to fry them in deep oil in 180º C for about 20 seconds. After that you can put them on some oil-absorbent paper
Where can I buy your products?
You can find our products in local supermarket or minimart. If you cant find our products in your area, please feel free to contact us at, we will be more than glad to process it further.
How can I get more information on the product of PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk. ?
You can take a look at the information on this web site, yet should you find more questions dont hesitate to contact our marketing officer at
How can I get information regarding allergens in these products?
We always disclose any necessary information regarding allergens, glutten, GMO and other important issues. You can find the information here in our website
Does PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk. has any kind of certification?
PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk. has HACCP certification, BRC certification, Halal certification and some other certification important to specific designated countries. Feel free to ask for the present of certification you feel compulsory.
I have negative experience using your product, where can I complain to?
We are sorry that you have some experience like that, please inform us what is your experience. Our staff will be more than glad to hear and answer to your complaint. You can address your complaint to our marketing officer at We shall get back to you as soon as possible.
Could you inform me about current promotion and offers?
You can see our promotion campaign and great offers on our promotion section in our website.
Where is the physical address of PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk.?
The head quarter of PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk. is located in Jl. Raya Darmo 23, Surabaya. While our factory is located in Jl Jenggolo II/ 17, Sidoarjo.
When did PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk. established?
PT. Sekar Laut, Tbk. was established in 19th of July 1976.
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